Review Of The Plan By Dan Hollings – Grow Your Crypto Assets On Automation

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The Plan By Dan Hollings is a one-of-a-kind crypto investing training program for investors of any age who want to make passive income through crypto. Dan Hollings’ methods are changing the future of crypto-trading.

Review of the “The Plan” with Dan Hollings

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About The Plan By Dan Hollings 

The Plan By Dan Hollings is a one-of-a-kind crypto investing training program for investors of any age who want to make passive income through crypto. Dan Hollings’ methods are changing the future of crypto-trading.

The Plan by Dan Hollings is a popular training program where he lays out his crypto technique, strategies, and specific rules, which he has spent three years and $1 million honing. The strategy makes use of cryptocurrency’s volatility to produce passive revenue. This proven crypto trading online course provides a wonderful opportunity for the crypto enthusiasts in the world to participate in the ever profitable world of crypto trading and learn the best crypto investment strategy. 

For the first time ever, the secrets of profiting from cryptocurrency leveraging >> “The Plan” by Dan Hollings are revealed through a free eBook - Click to Download <<

Sharing a free eBook called “The Wiggle Factor that presents a revolutionary new way to become involved in (and profit from) cryptocurrencies. Even if you're tech-challenged and naive about crypto, it's a terrific read that dissects a totally new way to look at crypto in 2022.

My Update / Review for The Plan by Dan Hollings - 21st Nov 2021: 

Since the review I did in August my bots are making 39.65% Profits. This is in less than 3 months of me following the plan.

Last I checked I had already cashed out US$5835 in profits to my wallet.

This is a True passive income for me now, as I am averaging $99.19 per day profits doing absolutely nothing. Just do the math $99.19 x 365 days = $36,204.35.  US$36K per year additional passive income with no work. 

It takes 5 minutes for me to set up the bot now.

Do read the review below for more details about "The Plan" which I did in Aug 2021.

The additional benefits offered by Anish include :

  • 5 Private group Strategy and Q&A 1 hr Zoom calls
  • One-month access to his personal Bots Research with a live demo.
  • Anish's best coin pairs along with a setting that can be followed
  • 25% OFF Discount on the tracking software for tax purposes 
  • Best practices on which exchanges work in the user's country of residence
  • Step-by-step process of all lessons and templates
  • Anish's "The Plan" course notes will help users streamline the approach of implementing the strategies
  • There is also one-on-one support and guidance as you will have direct access to Anish and his processes.

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Follow my progress with 'The Plan' and growth on my YouTube Channel here - Click For Video Updates 

Trust me this is damn exciting as I was fortunate enough to be a part of the Beta 1 training program.

I believe that this is once in a lifetime opportunity as this system is true source of passive income (though some also think of it as a investment strategy)

In terms of crypto land Dan Hollings has really cracked the code and used his proven strategies to make over $5 million dollars.

The best part is his set of rules and his system makes money whether the market is up or down.

This is a “DO NOTHING” kind of revenue stream where the hardest thing to do is “NOTHING”. Just keep adding more revenue to your passive income.

Who is this for? Frankly everyone. Doesn’t matter if you are a entrepreneur, stay at home mom, have a 9-5 comfy job, or dad with kids, or a successful businessmen. It really does not matter at all.

I had zero crypto experience and I started my journey in making money in crypto in just two of Dan’s training sessions.

Now I have to tell you this, you will be shocked and surprised that all of the students of the Plan are enjoying the results right now. Till date, 100% of the people involved in the program are making money using this strategy. Did I say 100%? Yes, better believe it as I have seen the results.

This is such a big thing as I have seen many wealth courses which promise the world however are not as promising in the end.

Now when it comes to crypto, am totally aware that news is always talking about scams and volatility of that market. However this is the closest thing I have seen to a real life money making machine.

I’m very aware that any news involving cryptocurrency can sound like a scam, but this is the closest thing I’ve seen to a real life money machine. 

Instead of a simple name as “The Plan”, unofficially I would rather call it the “Cha-Ching Machine”. lol. By the time you Watch the Replay of this you will call it “Cha-Ching Machine” too


The plan by Dan Hollings is an investment strategy and Passive income


Is it a investment strategy or Passive income?

Now am sure we have all heard the saying that you have to work really hard to make money.

Or only a few lucky ones can make a lot of money doing “Nothing”.

Well, they are not wrong. Most people work hard to feed their families and put food on the table.

Now if you are an entrepreneur you already know the time, sweat and energy you put into your business.

And don’t get me started on a 9-5 job, most times it is longer then the usual 9-5 isn’t it?

When an opportunity knocks on your door and promises that you do not have to do anything… “NOTHING”, just sit back and enjoy the ride and make money.

Your first reaction is WHAT!!! NO WAY!! This is too good to be true.

Your guard immediately is up.

Now maybe that guard has been there because it is warning you of all the scams out there. And it should. Right?

The bigger issue is that we have been taught by our parents “That money does not grow on trees”. Work hard and save… Stop dreaming… The list goes on and on…

Due to this in our minds we will always find holes in in opportunity which comes across us. 

Here is a Ticket to this opportunity>>>


The plan with Dan Hollings crypto bots strategies


Now this new Approach might just be the thing we need to Succeed.

Dan Hollings in this training ensures that we leverage the crypto market and make money in the process.

It really does not matter how the market behaves. It goes up or down or sideways, this strategy will work regardless. I have not seen anything like this ever before.

And it pays you daily/ hourly… Right now! Unlike other investment strategies which have payoffs in the future.


The plan with Dan Hollings crypto bots strategies with Rapid crush


What is the Plan exactly?

The Plan is definitely a very good plan by Dan Hollings.

It makes money like a vending machine, all day everyday.

His set of rules and strategy which he teaches you shows you positive results right away.

Now it gets interesting with cryptocurrency and what Dan Hollings came up with “The Plan”.

Pay real close attention to what I am about to reveal when it comes to making tension free income with crypto…

“The Plan” is a brand spanking new training program created by Rapid Crush who have partnered with Dan Hollings, which shows you how to make solid income with crypto. Never before this kind of strategy has been shared with the public.

The training program has cracked the crypto code to empower you with the knowledge on how to take advantage of the crypto volatility and make money.

Now typically, to make money in crypto people will buy low and sell high. Now no one has a crystal ball to see how low the bottom is going to be or high it will go up to, and then they buy or sell at the wrong time and lose money.

Now am sure the stats will tell you that over 90% of the people end up losing money with crypto and stock trading. 

Dan Holling’s secret of the plan is that he has figured out the “Wiggle” method to make money. What is a “Wiggle” you might ask… Wiggle in other words is Volatility of the crypto market. How Dan uses a web-based software to find and utilize the volatility of the market to constantly make money regardless of the market trend.

If you remember Bitcoin went down 40% in May 2021 and the students of the Plan were making INSANE amount of money. When the market was DOWN!

The ‘creme de la creme’? You just do nothing once you have set it up. Now as I mentioned Dan partnered with Rapid Crush which is owned by Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos, who are the creator and marketing geniuses behind the Plan. So when they started on this journey, both ended up putting $25K of their own money to test the system and strategies designed by Dan. Jason did not do anything once he set it up whereas Wilson loves to learn tech and play around… Long story short… In the end Jason ended up making more money with this system than Wilson, by doing “Nothing”.

This is how the power of this automated system is all about. Think about how stressful is monitoring stocks or the market. You are constantly checking the highs, lows and the trends.

In this automated system, you have to do nothing, just set it up and watch your vending machine constantly spit out money in your wallet. Right Away.




Crypto Volatility and  The plan with Dan Hollings crypto bots strategies


The Automated Software and the power of it!

As I mentioned the training uses a web-based software to automate the process.

Now am sure some of you will say “Can I just buy this software and set it up myself?”

I would say “For sure you can… If you want to lose all your money”

Now just because you bought a helicopter does not mean you can go to the office tomorrow and land it on the top of your office building.  

You need to learn how to fly it. Know all the ins and outs of the copper. Understand how everything works or you might end up hurting yourself in the process of flying it with out proper instructions and training.

So to buy the software, you also need to learn how to set it up properly and use it. Understand the rules and regulations so you can setup your automation the right way. 

Obviously I don’t recommend doing it on your own. It’s probably the quickest way to lose your money.

Am sure you to know tons of people who just followed YouTube  tutorials and eventually lost their money.

As far as I know, Dan Hollings is the only one who’s cracked the crypto code.  I have never ever seen any mentor or teacher show that all their students have 100% positive student results, just as Dan has proven.

The Case AGAINST Crypto


You’ve heard about it and maybe you’re even invested in it. 

Yet, I (and millions of others) have been approaching crypto the WRONG way.

Here’s the thing… Most people get involved with crypto trying to “time the market”: 

* Buy Bitcoin at $20,000…

* Wait for it to get to $50,000…

* Sell it and make $30,000 in profit.

The problem? NOBODY knows when it will go up.

 So, some try to “buy the dip” or get into complex technical indicators, or mind numbing qualitative analysis (ugh!).

These people often lose at some point… as you undoubtedly know from the news and other sources.

Granted, if you hold any sort of cryptocurrency, it’s very likely that it will go up at SOME point in the future…

 But, unless you have 3-10 years of your life to spare and have no urgency to make money, investing for the long term takes too much discipline.

What should you do instead?

Use this NEW way to profit with cryptocurrency. 

[+] This works even when the crypto market “crashes”

[+] You can profit minute-by-minute (instead of years from now when you eventually sell)

[+] This system currently has an almost unbelievable success rate for each person who has completed it (we’ll show you)

[+] It takes about 5-20 minutes a day to manage (in fact, we recommend no more than this even if you have the free time)

In short…

It comes down to exploiting the VOLATILITY of crypto. This way, you have the potential of making profits every single minute, whether the prices are going UP or DOWN.

I KNOW that it sounds too good to be true…

I said the same thing when I first heard about it…

But trust me, when you attend the free training we’re putting on and you see it in action, you’ll realize that this is one of the greatest opportunities out there…

Case Studies and How much can you expect to make 

Now am sure you are thinking… Enough said “I get it, how much will I make?”

I can share some results of the first beta testers of the training program.

Disclaimer: “Past performance is not indicative of future results.”

Just check out Dan’s students who have done this for themselves - most of which had no experience with crypto when they first started - (see attached below)...



The plan with Dan Hollings crypto bots strategies


* Results vary, there is no guarantee of profits. Every person will get different results based on experience level, starting point, and a variety of other factors, including external factors beyond your control. 

The student has made $4,365 in pure profit so far.



The plan with Dan Hollings crypto bots strategies


* Results vary, there is no guarantee of profits. Every person will get different results based on experience level, starting point, and a variety of other factors, including external factors beyond your control.

 This student has made $3,280 in profit in 2 weeks.



Review of The plan with Dan Hollings crypto bots strategies


* Results vary, there is no guarantee of profits. Every person will get different results based on experience level, starting point, and a variety of other factors, including external factors beyond your control.

Here’s $291,000+ in total profit, where every single trade is in GREEN, meaning they are all profitable! 



The plan with Dan Hollings crypto bots strategies


* Results vary, there is no guarantee of profits. Every person will get different results based on experience level, starting point, and a variety of other factors, including external factors beyond your control.

For those of you who think that you need a lot of money to make this work… This student invested $6000 and he’s already made $2688 in profit.



The plan with Dan Hollings crypto bots strategies


* Results vary, there is no guarantee of profits. Every person will get different results based on experience level, starting point, and a variety of other factors, including external factors beyond your control.

 Finally, this student made $21,684 in profit.

Now… Can you do this too? Honestly, I don’t know.

But what I can tell you is that…

> None of these people are expert traders.

> Many of them didn’t know the first thing about crypto when they started

> They are letting bots make all the trades for them on “auto-pilot”

> Once set up, the bots run on their own

> This works whether the market is up OR down

So, you tell me… do you think you can do this if you had step-by-step training on it?

I’m pretty sure you OR anyone could after what I’ve seen… and the timing has NEVER been better to get involved.


The plan with Dan Hollings crypto bots strategies


My results and my experience with “The Plan” 

Now the way Dan teaches is to setup your “Bots” (Automations) in DEMO mode, which means instead of using your own real money, you practice and test with “play” money first.

So I stated my demo bots:


My results from the Plan with Dan hollings


Now if you look at the results above for my DEMO bots, I was getting 16.22% return in 15 Days.

So 32.44% in a month… That is completely insane. Isn’t it?

Imagine this for 1 year, I would make 389.28%

Okay sounds great. Right? BUT, this is play money, will I make real money with this kind of setup?

Now as an entrepreneur I am all about risk assessment and making sure I calculate and evaluate all the risk I am willing to take. 

So I make a decision. 

So I take the BIG Step… I have test this in Demo mode so am fairly confident in the process and the strategy. 

I started my First automation “Live Bot” , with my own real money, following the plan and exact set of rules on 4th August 2021.

I added two more on 9th & 13th August. So total 3 Bots.

Each bot was $3000 each, so an total investment of $9000

Disclaimer: “My recommendation is you go through the program and test your coin in DEMO mode using play money and then go live if results are good.”

Please Note: I am “Hiding” some information as a very strict NDA has to be signed by all students of the Plan


The plan with Dan Hollings crypto bots strategies


Here are my exact results

Total investment $9000 in 22 Days

Profit $727

8% OMG in 22 DAYS

Let's Calculate yearly 8%, Keep it simple 8%/month 8x12= 96%

In Dollars: $727x12 = $8724 per Year Profit.

BTW: Profits are paid hourly/daily to your wallet 

I definitely did not believe this was possible. WOW!! and WOW!!

Now ask if this is worth the money for me or not? 

Heck YA! Come on this secret Dan is teaching is priceless.

I put in no work and I make money!!! 

Conservatively, without taking any risk I made more that I could imagine. In which investment strategy can you get 8% ROI in less than A MONTH!!!


Watch the Replay Now! Click Here

Now let’s talk about “How Much do you need to get rolling”

A very good reference point in “The Plan” is that each Bot (Automation) works best with a minimum investment of $3000-$5000 to start with.

Now my thoughts are since Crypto is still considered high risk, to play it safe I started my bots with the minimum $3000.

Remember never to invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

So to get started on this journey with “The Plan” training program, here are the minimum requirements:

Cost of getting into the program is $2500. Additional cost for the automation software is $19-$44/ month, based on how much you plan to invest in crypto initially. I chose the $44 per month option which gives me a 5 bot limit.

I am sure you are thinking… When will I get the money I invested in the training back? Franky based on my safe bots I will get it back in less than three months.

(Update my monthly profits are over $1000 now, with just 3 bots and my returns are over 10% now… and growing everyday)

So chances are I do not even have to wait that long… BTW I do not plan to take that profit out. My plan is to use the power of compounding and start another automation the moment I have the minimum $3000 in my profit.

So I can diversify and capitalize on the portfolio effect.

Crazy! Damn Right you are!! :)

“Who is this Plan For?”

Frankly this plan is for anyone who knows and understands the importance of investing at the right time and in the right strategy.

Make money work for you, like a vending machine.

Now whether you are a seasoned crypto person or have no idea what bitcoin or crypto is. This plan will make you the expert in making money with crypto and its volatility.

Truth be told the more the volatility the better your profits will be. So hand on to the roller coaster of the crypto play land.

Now whether you work full-time or stay at home with kids to take care of, it does not matter, this is for you as it requires very minimal work.

Just learn how to set it up and then “Do Nothing”


pros and cons of The plan with Dan Hollings crypto bots strategies


Now Final Verdict and Pros & Cons for “The Plan”


  • No trading skills required
  • Awesome for busy individuals. Bots do the work.
  • All Profits go straight to your Wallet daily/ hourly minute by minute
  • Safest way to make money in crypto as it is based on set rules and strategy
  • Works even when market crashes (Yes you make money even when value is down)
  • An investment strategy which becomes passive income with No additional work


  • Requires a monthly subscription for the software $19-$110
  • Crypto can go away, however this is Highly unlikely
  • If not setup based on the the training, it can perform poorly
  • Lack of controlling it everyday might be difficult for some who love control


Join the Plan and make money with crypto the right way


How much to Join the Plan? 

Just before I joined the program, this program was opened privately with one on one coaching at $10K each. Yup! Ten Thousand US shining dollars.

Due to the huge response and feedback, Dan and Rapid Crush decided to teach this training in a group format instead of one-on-one clients.

Hence the Beta group was created to learn together. No do note it is called Beta, as the trainings are not yet recorded, hence have to be done live every week and then added to the members area where replays can be accessed as well.

The strategy and Rules which Dan has perfected using $1 million dollars in studying crypto for the past 3 years is ROCK SOLID.

Now since 100% of the beta students are making money in this program, the demand has gone up and more students want to join in.

Now the plan is to launch this product officially in Nov-Dec this year and the price will be high (Not yet decided)

GOOD News, The next group of the beta program is opening in Sep 2021. Since it is not officially launched and there will be a special pricing to get into this program. 

The official price will be over $4000 and since this is beta they are accepting beta students at a whopping price of $2500.

Obviously I jumped right in the moment they opened last time. And my advice is if you can, then I highly recommend you get in at this amazing discounted price. 

Guess what, when the officially launch it later this year, all students in the Beta program will get access to all the finalized training program as well.

I truly believe this is one of the best investment you would ever make.

Do not miss this opportunity. You can either get in by $2500 one time payment or 3 payments of $1000.

My understanding is that this would be the last chance for you to get in at this incredible pricing. Now think about it people have paid $10K for this and you are getting a $7500 discount.

What are you waiting for?


bonus for The plan with Dan Hollings crypto bots strategies


Now the best Part - Extra Bonus

Two months of free Coin pair research by Dan's Team

This bonus will really kick start your profits right away. As Dan beleives in teaching you how to fish, so you can feed yourself in the future. That is he teaches you how to research the coins which will make you money.

However this amazing bonus will hand you the fish, so you can enjoy it right away. What this means is that you will get free two months access to the "exact coin pairs" which you can basically use and set up your bots right away.

That's correct, just setup the coin pairs researched by Dan and his team. Start the profits rolling. Avoid all the potential risks of picking the wrong pairs.

This bonus removes all the potential risks of picking the wrong pairs and not having profitable bots.

Now how many coin setting per month? 24 different coin settings per month. 

This is absolutely a MUST HAVE, exclusive bonus!


(On top of “The Plan’s” bonuses). When you use MY Link to join:


5 Private group Strategy and Q&A 1 hr Zoom calls Value: $699

These one-on-one sessions with my group to discuss strategies and Q&As. This handheld and VIP treatment is just for my insider group and you will benefit from my experience and journey with the Plan.


What exchanges are the best to use in Canada… (And other countries as well)

Value: $447

Will share best practices on which exchanges work in your country of residence. Also which ones are lowest in transaction fees and which ones have the best coin pair offerings.


Find out my best coin pair… Over 30% returns.

Value: $1099

I will reveal my best coin pair with you which has given me the best results so far and it is still going… Will share all the settings as well.


Get 25% off Tracking software for Tax purposes

Value: 25% Discount

With “The Plan” you will create a passive income stream, so a good problem to have is to track your earnings for tax purposes, you will need this!!


Access to my personal Bots (View only) 1 month

Value: Too Good!!

Have direct view-only access to my personal account, where you can see my demo and live bots to help you on your journey. Get inside my bots and see how I am making profits with my bots


Will share my process… Lessons and templates

Value: Nice!!

Will share my step-by-step process. From exchanges to best practices, will share my process with you. Keep it simple stupid is my engineering mindset, hence will show you simple steps which I follow.

Do you want the above bonuses?

Here is how you can purchase from me:

STEP 1: Make sure you Clear Your Cookies in the browser

STEP 2: CLICK HERE TO BUY: You must use this link in order to get all these bonuses. If you don't see my name Anish on the page you will not be able to avail my bonuses!

STEP 3: Email Me Let me know you have purchased so the bonuses can be released to you asap.

Get ANISH’S ONE-ON-ONE VALUE BONUSES (in addition to Dan's bonuses) when you buy through me:


- This is not Financial or investment or trading advice.

- Kindly use your own diligence and consult a certified financial advisor or planner in your country.

- Past performance is not indicative of future results.

- I am sharing my experience for educational and entertainment purposes only.

- The Crypto market is considered high risk and people should do their own research and consult a professional financial advisor.

- Also, the links on this page may be affiliate links which means if you click them I may receive a commission for referring you to a product or service at no extra cost to you.

- The recommendations I make are on products and services I have personally vetted so you can be sure that anything I recommend is top-notch in its class.

Anish for "The Plan" - Wiggling my way to passive income.


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