About Us

Are you thinking about creating passive income for yourself and living life on your terms? 

This is our story...

Something about my journey… After awesome years in engineering, found my passion in mobile app development and online solutions. At that moment in life, while most had settled in their comfortable jobs, I took the opportunity to build something on my own. Business ideas, Innovations, gadgets and fun products always fascinate as well as excited me.

Henceforth embarked on this exciting journey of developing engaging fun mobile apps and go on an adventure of finding innovative business  opportunities for anyone and everyone. Products and solutions, which are not only fun and innovative, they also bring joy to Life. A true sense of financial freedom. 

In 2016 ‘Saaz Life’ was born. Saaz Life’s mission is to work in Harmony with our customers and to innovate solutions for them. The best part of life, is to create the harmony in our lives. Saaz Life has become a fast-growing, customer-focused online opportunities, dedicated to sourcing the highest quality products and business ideas, so that you can innovate your everyday life.

Even though we’ve grown since our early, humble beginnings, we are still dedicated to providing quality customer service and the best products. We love our innovative products and we are very passionate about sourcing new opportunities, accessories, and sources of passive income to help your day to day needs.

We don't aspire to make just a living…we aspire to make a difference…. I sincerely hope that our info blogs, products, apps and online solutions can help you create an impact in your life.

Anish C