A Comprehensive Review of The Consumable System Course

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Unveiling the Path to E-Commerce Triumph...

In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, where do you turn for a proven roadmap to success? Look no further – The Consumable System Course (AKA TCS) is here to illuminate your path to e-commerce victory. Join us as we delve deep into this comprehensive review, a course led by the expertise of Manuel Suarez, Jorge Rodriguez, Steven Anderson, and Jules De Armon.

Masterminds Behind the Curtain

Step into a realm of limitless possibilities as we introduce you to the visionary minds shaping your journey. Manuel Suarez, the brains behind The Consumable System, has joined forces with e-commerce luminaries Steven Anderson, Jules De Armon, Jorge Rodriguez and many more. Together, they've cultivated a powerhouse of knowledge, crafting a seamless blend of expertise and practicality.

"Success is not just a destination; it's a meticulously charted journey." - Manuel Suarez

Mapping Your E-Commerce Odyssey

E-commerce novices and veterans alike will find solace in the Consumable System Course. Our journey begins with a detailed blueprint – a step-by-step guide that breaks down complex concepts into manageable, actionable strategies. Navigate through uncharted waters armed with knowledge, and rest assured that this course is a compass pointing straight towards success.

TCS Road Map - Course outline & Modules

The Consumable System Course (TCS) is a practical course. In other words, it teaches you to take action as you progress through the course.  The 10 modules in the course are listed below:

1. The Consumable Foundation
Get a solid foundation and the vital information you need to know to succeed within the consumables industry.

2. Understanding the HoneyComm software and community
Learn how to navigate the HoneyComm software you'll be using to create your consumable brand.

3. Creating the magnetic brand and identifying you customer
Develop and finalize your brand identity. Define your target audience.

4. Building a successful brand through strategies
Create your own marketing strategy.
5. Creating a high-converting and profit-making consumable website
Create and launch your fully branded eCommerce website.
6. Basic email and SMS campaign setups
Set up a lead generation system.
7. Integrating Amazon and other sales channels
Integrate your Amazon sales channel with your eCommerce website.
8. The bootstrap model (The zero advertising route)
Set up your social media accounts, start creating content, and make your first post.
9. Paid traffic secrets for accelerated growth
Create ad assets with ad copy. Complete a campaign plan
10. Setting up your brand up for long term success and growth

Get the high-level knowledge to set your brand up for success.


    So the roadmap will map out what to expect by the end of each module, as well as actionable steps you need to take in order to end the course with a fully functional consumable brand. Yes, your own brand with your branding and logo can be shipped at a moment's notice to your customers. As you can see from the above modules, this is a fully functional and business-in-a-box solution for anyone who is interested in starting a skincare or supplements business empire with their own brand and with no inventory to carry.

    Having gone through the course and reviewing the actual content in each module, I am just amazing at how powerful this business model and course is. And trust me I have gone through many paid and expensive courses in my journey as an entrepreneur, so this one definitely takes the cake. Hence I highly recommend it.

    AI Generated prompts and templates

    Course includes a step by step system to help individuals to create their brand and business using AI. This automation in developing and growing your business not only makes the process of building a supplement personal brand easy to start, it helps accelerate the process x10. All marketing strategy and brand building by using the latest and greatest technology "AI"... So basically building a supplement business on steroids. 


    Multi-Channel Integration Capabilities:

    The logistics and fulfillment automated software is Fully Integrated and can  Manage the following - Total Automation:

    • Google Shopping
    • Ebay
    • Facebook Shops
    • Marketplace
    • Instagram Shops
    • Shopify
    • Shopify Plus
    • Woo Commerce
    • Big Commerce
    • Groove Cart

    Picture this – a world where your supplements aren't confined to a single platform. With this hybrid business model, you're not just a seller; you're a master of multiple channels. Whether it's your e-commerce store, social media platforms, or online marketplaces, you have the freedom to expand your reach and connect with a global audience.

    Who Is This For?

    From professional organizations and businesses to individuals with entrepreneurial yearnings, a wide range of entities can take advantage of private label supplements. The list includes:

    ✅ Home-Based Entrepreneurs

    ✅ Fitness Professionals

    ✅ Gyms

    ✅ Doctors & Clinicians

    ✅ Brand Developers

    ✅ Affiliate Marketers

    ✅ Spa and Wellness Centers

    ✅ Aestheticians

    ✅ Chiropractors

    ✅ E-Commerce Specialists

    ✅ Health Food Stores

    ✅ Nutrition Consultants

    ✅ Online Influencers

    ✅ And Of course "YOU"

    The Art of E-Commerce: Building a Blueprint for Triumph

    Unlocking the Code to Dropshipping Mastery: Have you ever wondered how the dropshipping universe works? The Consumable System Course unveils the enigma, providing a comprehensive breakdown of dropshipping dynamics. From understanding the mechanics to leveraging its potential, you'll find yourself equipped to navigate the intricate web of product movement.

    "Dropshipping is like mastering the art of a symphony – every note plays a crucial role in the grand harmony." - Steven Anderson

    Marketing Magic: From Novice to Maestro

    Maneuvering the digital marketing realm can be daunting, but fear not! The Consumable System Course is your ticket to marketing mastery. Uncover the secrets behind crafting compelling campaigns, harnessing the power of social media, and making your brand an irresistible force in the market.

    Digital Alchemy: Transforming Marketing Novices into Wizards

    Fulfillment Unveiled: Your Stress-Free Solution – a cornerstone of e-commerce success that often poses challenges. The Consumable System Course introduces you to HoneyComm, your guardian angel of order processing, printing, and shipping. This "print-on-demand" marvel bridges the gap, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – building your brand.

    "Fulfillment isn't just a task; it's a symphony of efficiency." - Jules De Armon

    How Big is the supplement and consumable market?

    If you look at the growth of this market and how it can be a good indicator of what to look forward to in this business? The global dietary Supplements market statistics in 2021 was $152 Billon dollars and the 2025 projection is around $194 Billion. So this industry is definitely a place to be in if you are looking for good opportunities and a bright future for your business. 

    Bask in the Glow of Bonuses

    Like hidden treasures waiting to be discovered, bonuses are the heartbeat of The Consumable System Course. These undisclosed gems are tailored to amplify your journey, ensuring you're armed with a comprehensive arsenal of tools. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised as you uncover each invaluable bonus, enhancing your voyage to success.

    Bonus Treasures: Elevating Your E-Commerce Odyssey

    Empowering Webinar: A Glimpse into Transformation. As a cherry atop this delectable cake, The Consumable System Course offers a transformative live webinar. This immersive experience isn't just a lecture; it's a conversation where your queries pave the way. In just 60 minutes, unlock insights that have the power to reshape your entrepreneurial destiny.

    "A webinar is like a treasure hunt – each minute unveils a nugget of wisdom waiting to be discovered." - Jorge Rodriguez

    Embrace the Moment: Your Success Awaits

    The journey to e-commerce prosperity begins with seizing the moment. The Consumable System Course, coupled with its enticing bonuses and enlightening webinar, beckons you to step onto the path to success. The clock is ticking, and every second is an opportunity waiting to be embraced.

    What does the TCS Plan and course Include?

    • Superior High Quality Products made in the USA
    • Channel Management is not an integration, it is complete management of the platform all within HoneyComm 
    • Full Catalog Access to 100+ GMP Certified White Label Supplements
    • < 3 day North America Shipping
    • Certifications (FDA Registered, GMP Certified, COA)
    • Amazing Customer Service
    • Access to millions of $ of inventory (that you can sell 1 unit at a time with your label)
    • FDA Label Compliance Review
    • Hive Community Access
    • In House Professional Label & Web Design Options
    • AND Much much more... 

    Time to Thrive: Embracing the Path to E-Commerce Glory

    Register for Transformation

    Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating journey? Register now for The Consumable System Course and secure your spot for the upcoming transformative webinar. E-commerce success is within reach, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.



    Now... The Pros and Cons of "The Consumable System" aka TCS in short:


    • Comprehensive Services: This course and the support system provides a range of services, which including branding, website creation, and marketing strategy/support, making it a smooth process for users to launch their own personal brands.
    • Full Training and Support: It offers step by step training and support to help individuals succeed in the world of marketing and selling consumables.
    • No Inventory Costs: Individuals do not need to manage their own inventory, which can be a significant burden for new businesses, as this logistics is taken care by the team.
    • Cost of Platform bonus: Software platform 1 year cost included with the course cost. That is a huge bonus and advantage if you join now.
    • Money-Back Guarantee: They offer a money-back guarantee, promising that users will have their own private label supplement brand ready to be sold within a maximum of 90 days, or they will refund 100% of the investment.


    • First Initial Investment: While the initial investment for The Consumable System is significantly lower than starting a traditional business, it may still be a speed bump for some individuals.
    • Limited Brand Customization: While Honeycomb does provide branding services, the level of customization may be limited compared to starting a brand from scratch.
    • Dependence on Software Platform: Individuals are dependent on the Honeycomb platform and software for their business, which could be a risk if the platform experiences issues. And there is a small monthly cost associated with it.

    In conclusion, the Consumable System Course stands as a testament to e-commerce enlightenment.

    The picture above gives you a very good snapshot of what the company and the course offers:

    • No Upfront Inventory Cost
    • No minimum Order quantities
    • No warehousing fees
    • No fulfillment fees
    • No Storage fees
    • No freight Fees
    • No quality control fees
    • AND Dropshipped on demand High quality Your own brand Supplements. 

    With step-by-step guidance, dropshipping mastery, marketing finesse, fulfillment ease, and a bonus bonanza, your journey to e-commerce excellence is well underway. Join us, seize the moment, and witness your entrepreneurial dreams metamorphose into reality.

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