The Plan crypto - What happened to my Cashflow with the Market Crash?

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Market crash results with The Plan by Dan Hollings.

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Am sure heard the news and everyone you know talked about the market crash in crypto. 

As you know I have been part of the Beta 1 group of students who are in the training program called "The Plan" by Dan Hollings.

Today I would love to share my results with the plan during the "Crash" which happened in September 2021. 

Now was it all doom and gloom?

What happened to my Cashflow and Assets in Crypto?

Here is a video which I did recently on YouTube, where I talk about my experiences with the plan and what happened to my cashflow during the "Market Crash" where everyone was scared to talk about or do anything in cryptoland. 

 Now as you can see from my video, does it really matter if the "value" of my assets goes down?

I love the owning a house analogy, where you have a property (asset) and you have rented the house. 

Does it matter if the value of your house/ property goes up or down, as in the end you are getting your rent being paid regularly. 

In the same way, even though the market had crashed, the value of my assets went down, however I was still getting paid daily. 

That is the power of "The Plan" by Dan Hollings which is a amazing training that makes you use specific rules and strategies in an automated bot (software), which does all the work for you. 

When things do not go your way. Yes, that is bound to happen in life isn’t it?

The only thing certain in life is Uncertainty. Now as you have seen from my previous videos where I have reviewed “The Plan by Dan Hollings”, in which I have shared my journey and experience.

So what happened to my assets and cash flow when the market all of sudden took a dive? Did the crash crush my process and strategy? Or did it help me capitalize on it?

That is why I am addicted to this "Do Nothing" strategy where you let the bots wiggle their way to your profits.

I am making amazing money by the minute which gets deposited into my wallet immediately. Whether the market goes up or down, see how my plan works for me, instead of me depending on the market fluctuations.

I sincerely encourage you to check out “The Plan” if you are interested in crypto investments or trading. The fact is if you are interested in a “Passive Income” with minimum effort…

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Will share best practices on which exchanges work in your country of residence. Also which ones are lowest in transaction fees and which ones have the best coin pair offerings.


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I will reveal my best coin pair with you which has given me the best results so far and it is still going… Will share all the settings as well.


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With “The Plan” you will create a passive income stream, so a good problem to have is to track your earnings for tax purposes, you will need this!!


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Have direct view-only access to my personal account, where you can see my demo and live bots to help you on your journey. Get inside my bots and see how I am making profits with my bots


Will share my process… Lessons and templates

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Will share my step-by-step process. From exchanges to best practices, will share my process with you. Keep it simple stupid is my engineering mindset, hence will show you simple steps which I follow.

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Anish for "The Plan" - Wiggling my way to passive income.

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