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In business when you see successful news like this: 

“Small and medium businesses sold nearly 1 billion products in @Amazon’s store during the 2020 holiday season.” 

You should start thinking: 

How can you piggyback on Amazon’s success? 

It is possible if you follow a specific strategy...

I did and succeeded.


Let me explain… 

Find a product for $1 and sell for $2…Very Simple.

I followed these 8 steps:

  1. Find Suppliers
  2. Get their product list
  3. Analyze the list
  4. Buy small quantities to test
  5. Keep the profitable products and dump the others
  6. Adjust the process
  7. Scale & multiply profits
  8. Rinse and repeat

Now am sure you have already seen all the “Teachers” on Youtube, promising you the world and a few more million dollars…and blah blah blah blah….

Tiring isn’t it?

The Wholesale Formula for selling on Amazon is very simple…

  • Research profitable products
  • Ship to Amazon to sell and use their support team
  • Revise, profit, and scale your business

Now is this difficult?

NO…however, it requires consistent work and using the correct strategy. 

BTW, this is not a get rich in months kind of strategy...

This is a profitable and scalable business strategy that you have to be serious about. There are no shortcuts. 

If you are serious about passive income then this method of creating a sustainable and profitable business is for you.

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