The opportunity redefined

I do believe selling shovels (Online courses, training programs etc.) are the head and shoulders of the best opportunities to make money online in 2021

But I also believe that it should not be your shovel that you sell.

You should instead, align yourself with proven opportunities that have done well in the past (pre-pandemic), and are doing even better as a result of the pandemic.

How do you find these opportunities?

Let me ask you this question:

Who has seen the greatest increase in their bottom line since Covid hit?

I am guessing you too said “Amazon”

Again not everyone who sells on Amazon is a millionaire.

So What I do is, to look for the best opportunities and to learn the best strategies from experts who have made the 7-8 figures.

Want to learn from my struggles and success? And how about what tools and strategies, we use for our business.

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