Why should you partner with Amazon and Make Money

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Did you know? 

"Amazon has invested tens of billions in infrastructure and built hundreds of tools to help independent sellers succeed in their store." 

Did you also know (These stats are from 2020):

- Amazon third-quarter earnings soared as pandemic sales tripled their profits

- Company saw a 37% increase in earnings

- Revenues of $96.15bn were better than analysts expected

- Amazon added 250,000 jobs in the third quarter, and 100,000 in the first month of the fourth.

Now you will say why am I telling you this? 

"Because these are hard times for many of us... So where are the most opportunities at?"

In my opinion, the answer is very simple "I would invest & partner with a successful company, where my chances of being successful are quadrupled" 

And that is "Amazon" for sure... Hands down, absolutely no competition.

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"Selling on Amazon is great, simply because you can have a profitable and sustainable business."

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