Crypto - A Rollercoaster Or A Haunted House?

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Smart Money Is Doubling Down On Crypto

Smart Money Is Doubling Down On Crypto. LIVE workshop, has put together a system that lets you ease into crypto during what we call a “crypto winter” - and how to tweak crypto’s volatility to earn passive income.

I like roller coasters just as much as the next person… UNLESS my money is involved!

Cryptocurrency can feel like a roller coaster to many - I get that.

Even though, come to think of it, the analogy I’d use is perhaps this: crypto right now to a haunted house. It’s scary, you never know where the next monster is going to come from, and a lot of people have run out screaming and have sworn never to get back in.

Is it all that bad?

Not at all. If you look at what’s really happening (instead of what the media is reporting you) you’ll see that the smart money is doubling down on crypto.

There’s a lot of promising stuff going on… and when it all clicks into place, crypto is going to be everywhere.

For example, Deloitte has done a survey which shows that 70% of merchants are going to accept crypto and/or stablecoins in the next 2 years. Think of what that’s going to do to the price.

So crypto is not really a haunted house. Maybe right now it is. But come dawn you’ll find it’s a beautiful mansion on a prime piece of land.

My mentor Dan Hollings, the expert on a LIVE workshop, has put together a system that lets you ease into crypto during what we call a “crypto winter” - and how to tweak crypto’s volatility to earn passive income. << Click Here

You see, cryptocurrency goes up, and it goes down. And then it goes WAY down and stays there… and then it goes WAY up and stays there. It’s kind of how it works right now.

But, it doesn’t go STRAIGHT UP or DOWN…

… it goes “sideways” too, as it goes in either direction. Dan has coined this “the wiggle”.

Crypto “wiggles sideways” as it goes up or down.

We all know that crypto, at some point, will go up or down AND be volatile. It doesn’t really matter what market cycle it is currently. Crypto winters arguably are even better than huge booms for this approach to work.

But, by taking advantage of the “wiggle” of crypto, Dan has found a way to collect passive income as cryptocurrency goes SIDEWAYS.

If you haven’t registered already, Dan will be showing exactly HOW this works, results, and how YOU can get started with it…

Possible To Profit In Crypto Winter?

There are two types of people when it comes to crypto right now.

There are the critics that are coming out of the woodwork in droves, triumphantly telling you how “they told you so” and so on.

Then there are people who haven’t lost the forest for the trees and still see the potential of crypto.

They know that the down market we’re experiencing right now is not unique to crypto. S&P is down too, Dow Jones is down too… and so  on.

I think that you’re probably among the latter - at least to a degree.

The only question then remains… is it possible to profit during this crypto winter?

The answer is YES.

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