What to do when schedule go sideways...'cause they do

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This morning my schedule/ plan went sideways. Was I bummed? Yes.

Did I let it stop me from other things? Well, it used to. But not anymore.

"Schedules and structure are hard. Hard to make, hard to keep."

There’s something about freedom and going through our day feeling open and relaxed that makes us feel really nice! 

Now, I like freedom. Doing what want, when I want. And I bet you do too.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t always go so well... We rebel against schedules (even the ones we made for ourselves) and things sometimes get a little get messy. Which is not a problem.  

Until that messiness gets big. Starts to cause stress, anxiety. Giant lists of stuff not done.

When it gets real messy I’d tend to run back to food, TV, or even something worse… 

Now I do things differently and I relax into my schedule so that it doesn’t have to feel like a prison.

“Gee Dude, How do you that?”

I’m glad you asked!

I make a mental schedule… You can try this too.

I block out a 2-hour window for 5 days each week. 

It’s for the most important work that I do for my business.

Like…write today's blog. Yes, It’s that important to me.

I’m grateful that you’re here and it's important for me to show up for you every day.

“Now one more important thing

These days, if anybody asks me to work or do stuff during those times I say “Sorry I’m booked”. I don’t say I’ll be at the beach, or shooting pool, or having dinner with friends.

Just sorry “I’m booked”

Now, I love my schedule. It’s great. It’s all about me, my business, and doing the stuff I like. 

I work harder and faster during all those other times, to get all the stuff done. Because I have appointments to keep, with myself, to do whatever it is that’s most important to me. 

You can try this too. It may seem impossible or impractical. Put, just one small block of "Me Time" on your schedule, write it down. And if somebody tries to take it away, say "sorry I'm booked". You don't have to tell them what or why. just say it. You might like it. 


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Now I have 2 extra hours of "whatever I want time"... Maybe I'll work, maybe I'll go have brunch with friends. My schedule is Freedom.

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