Story Of A Guy Who Threw Away 7500 Bitcoins

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Michael Saylor Says "...Nobody Has Lost Money Investing In Bitcoin In A 4 Year Period"

So in 2013, a man in the United Kingdom named James H. accidentally threw out his computer hard drive that had 7,500 Bitcoins in it.

That’s the story that was often told when the crypto market was booming.

“Imagine how much that crypto would’ve been worth right now!”


It hits a bit different these days. Especially…

… if you invested in crypto back in November 2021 when the crypto market was booming. It might feel like you’ve thrown your hard earned cash away just like James threw away his Bitcoins.

Take heart.

Right now the crypto critics are coming out of the woodwork, with all their “I told you so”, “it’s not a store of value”, “Warren Buffet doesn’t invest in it”. You might feel a little silly.

But again… Take heart.

Michael Saylor says it’s been statistically proven that nobody has lost money investing in bitcoin in a 4 year period. Meaning historically, no matter when you start your countdown to 4 years, bitcoin has been up.

The question is, what do you do meanwhile if you want to generate a little cash flow?

First, you register for THIS WEBINAR where Dan Hollings will host a training workshop all about cryptocurrency…

BUT, not in the way you typically hear about it.

Dan DOESN’T buy crypto when the price is low (even though right would be a GREAT time to do just that) .. and HOPE/PRAY that the price will increase (and then sell it).

Dan has a NEW approach to crypto that he’s since made over 3 million in net earnings with over the last few years.

(A lot of it during the crypto winter of 2018-2022).

It’s a new crypto strategy that can work great even WHEN the market is down.

You DON’T need to wait months or years to get involved.

Join us on the LIVE workshop and Dan will share how this works and how YOU can get involved right away, regardless of your experience level.

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