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Why NOW Is The Best Time In History To Sell On Amazon

Amazon is the best place to start or grow your business. And on this webinar, you're going to discover a 3-step formula that helped 960 folks initially sell over $1,057,143,592 on Amazon. Yes, over a billion dollars!  Even better: those 960 successes had no real "pattern." Their ages, locations and experience levels varied. Most had no previous online successes. Many started part-time. And all did it risk-free.

If you listen to pundits, Amazon is not doing so hot. Their shares fell 7% back in August 2021 when the company reported its first revenue miss in 3 years.


Then, after recovering for a little, they went lower still during January 2022 - along with the entire market.


So has Amazon reached its peak and is now on a downtrend? (Perhaps along with the entire economy?)




If you look at numbers… Amazon makes around 680 million every day. Or around 7800 dollars every second.


Since most sales on Amazon are made by “third party sellers”, you would assume there are…


more people than ever making money hand over fist…


… by selling on the biggest online marketplace.


The truth is somewhat different. Yes, if you look at the numbers, more money than ever is made by third party sellers. But that’s a bit like taking the body temperature of every patient in a hospital and announcing that, on average, they’re all fine.


Very few “traditional” approaches to Amazon still work.


Yet the good news is - the real profit shift on Amazon has yet to occur. And if you’re ready, the time to get on it is right now.


On this free Zoom webinar, you’ll discover the sub-sub segment of Amazon sellers who have fallen backwards into the most profitable approach you can take on Amazon right now, today.


It’s mostly frictionless, and doesn’t present the normal hurdles you’d be forced to jump over.


Find out for yourself here:

Join us for this Free Webinar Event and Training 


And just think… what is Black Friday going to be like this year? It’s a bit far away… but time will pass quickly - and I want you in on that gold rush.

NOW is the best time in history to sell on Amazon. Amazon is the best place to start or grow your business.

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