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How I Use My Cashflow From Bot Profits To Pay Bills. Withdraw Crypto Easily.

Find out more about the Plan which I make my profits from:

Remember how I have been talking about making profits with crypto...   

Bet, you want to know the other side of the story?  

How do I take out the profits to enjoy it?  

I have discovered’s Rewards Visa Prepaid Card’s Rewards Visa Prepaid Card is an amazing niche card that is specifically made for cryptocurrency holders who can easily access their crypto assets and turn them into spendable fiat currency.

Guess what, a picture/video is worth a thousand words, so see the video I just shared Below: 


Yes, I can load up my crypto profits on it.  

Yes, I can go shopping with it or take cash out at an ATM.  

Yes, I can use it for international travel in any country.  

Yes, it is issued by Visa, so it is acceptable anywhere Visa is accepted.  


No, there is no fee I have to pay.   

BTW, the card is absolutely beautiful.   It is made of metal.   

I had to share this success with you as now I can easily take out my profits from my crypto bots and use them for shopping or dinner or even coffee...   I am enjoying this journey.

Get’s Rewards Visa Prepaid Card

We both will make US$25 when you join. Referral code: ggtwzxn4ef

Here are some Benefits of this Ruby Card by Crypto dot com:

  • 2% money back on all transactions
  • full rebates on Spotify
  • no foreign transaction fees just pay exchange rate at the point of sale
  • Easy ATM cash withdrawals
  • No Annual or monthly fee

Card Disclaimer: There are staking requirements to get this card. In Canada have to stake $500 for 6 months on their CRO currency. Please DYOR for all the requirements and benefits. There are other higher tier cards as well with much higher benefits however they require higher staking options.

If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast and are looking for a quick and safe way to access your crypto assets then Rewards Visa could make sense.


- This is not Financial or investment or trading advice.

- Kindly use your own diligence and consult a certified financial advisor or planner in your country.

- Past performance is not indicative of future results.

- I am sharing my experience for educational and entertainment purposes only. - The Crypto market is considered high risk and people should do their own research and consult a professional financial advisor.

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More info on the Plan:

The Plan by Dan Hollings is a popular training program where he lays out his crypto technique, strategies, and specific rules, which he has spent three years and $1 million honing.

The strategy makes use of cryptocurrency's volatility to produce passive revenue.

This proven crypto trading online course provides a wonderful opportunity for the crypto enthusiasts in the world to participate in the ever profitable world of crypto trading and learn the best crypto investment strategy.

I am using Dan's strategies as I am one o the first Beta student of the plan and this is my journey with crypto assets growth and success.

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