It's Not too Late...10 Last minute gifts that actually look thoughtful..

Sharing a cool video for Unique Gift Ideas for Wine & Beer lovers... 

Below we made this a amazing list for you, so you do not have to worry about trying to find some of these ideas and wasting your precious time... 

10 Gifts so good that they will think that you have been planning it for months and what is more exciting is that they all are under $50. 

1. Howdy partner - Holster Bottle Holder @ US$34.99 

Our rodeo-ready holster wraps tight around the bottle, keeping it safe until you're disposed to draw and drink. Howdy Partner, are you ready to keep a great wine tucked alongside a polyresin pistol in the loops of a true Western-style gun belt. 

2. Set of 2 Beer Cooling Pour Spouts @US$17.99

Always cold beer for you. Chill and pour your favourite pack of beer with a pair of stainless steel cooling pour spouts. Just pop the cap, insert the pour spout and enjoy your ice-cold ale. After just two hours in the freezer, the Polar pour spouts are ready to do the hard work for you.

3. Pop the cork with 1 button press with AirPOP Wine Bottle Opener @US27.99

Can you imagine to Pop open any bottle of wine with the press of a button. This amazing gadget utilizes compressed inert gas to easily pop out any cork. It's the quickest way to start enjoying your wine. 

4.  Oil & Vinegar Cruet - Unique design @US$15.99

Amazing design for all your parties. Elegant, innovative and unique, our hand-blown Napa Oil & Vinegar Cruet holds golden olive oil in its outer chamber and dark vinegar in a glass grape cluster within.

5. Drink Recipe Playing Cards @US$5.99

Each of these 54 sturdy, plastic-coated cards features a classic drink recipe and photo.

6. Bracelet Flask, best way to carry your drink @US$44.99

Wearing your heart on your sleeve can is not nearly as fun as wearing your drink on your wrist. Going to a party where some Perfect situations that require subtle sipping, this bangle flask might be the most utilitarian and stylish accessory you own.

7. Love your Playful Pup Wine Bottle Holder @US$34.99

The Playful Pup Wine Bottle Holder is far better behaved than your average yellow lab – give him one standard bottle of wine he’ll sit and stay by your side for hours, gleefully lapping it up. Bonuses include no shedding, no barking, and no house training required.

8. Survival Book requires no Reading, 5 oz Sneaky Flask @US$19.99

Beautifully bound between an illustrated hardcover backing, this survival guide supplies you with a cleverly hidden booze-ready flask, tucked secretly between the purely decorative pages. So pack light, because you have everything you need to brave the wild outdoors.

9. Stop Me I am Drowning Wine Stopper @US$8.99

He might be ambiguous and drowning but one thing’s for sure – Bruce™ knows how to stop a bottle and get the party started! Whether he’s diving in feet or head first, this little man will bring humor to any gathering.


10. Wine Aerator-Pour your wine the right way every time @US$14.99

Do not have to wait for hours for your wine to decant? Unlock the full flavour of reds and robust whites immediately with the Aereo™ Basic Aerator. Pouring your wine through it softens tannins, accentuates the wine’s bouquet and delivers a smoother finish.

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