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The recording for valuable money-getting, objection-destroying sales insights and strategies is now available for Free

In-depth, techniques to not just “handle” objections, but obliterate them, regardless of the sales situation! Here is an opportunity for you to watch it and  learn to murder the objection before they occur.

"Murder the Objection” sales training provides insights to immediately grow sales multifold. 

Murder the Objection is a sales training access program. The training session conducted was with a small gathering of selected people in September, and the admission cost for each to attend was $5,000. In one session, he can practically educate anyone on how to make a digital product. Once an individual sits down in front of their computer, the work will be completed before they move for any other reason.


One of the event’s two major aspects is that participants will have free admission for 72 hours.

Second, they will have complete access to a $500 promotional price reduction of $1500. These sessions will cost more in the future than they do at the current price.


The participants will get access to 8 training sessions that amount to more than 13 hours of training.

They will also be provided with a digital binder consisting of swipes and sales material.

The session is also helpful for those who cannot learn in a live event. Yet they want to know about the tips and tricks to succeed.


Jason Fladlien recently spent two days in a room with quite a few entrepreneurs who each paid $5,000 to be there doing a deep dive into outright murdering the objections. Jason Fladlien has sold over $250 million of products to 150,000+ customers in 131 countries. He holds numerous online marketing records, such as the biggest launch ever in the history of internet marketing which did $57 million.


Why must access this exclusive sales training event?

  • The training will help one get access to maximum profits. The business thrives or perishes depending on the sales. Customer roadblocks are the biggest hitch when selling, and this training helps one to achieve good sales.
  • The training helps one eliminate objections even before they occur.
  • It will teach the sales professional how they can react to the objections raised by the customers.
  • Not all objections can be removed. Some can be removed beforehand.
  • It provides a change in the framework from being able to sell to enjoying selling the product.

To register for Jason Fladlien’s “Murder the Objection” and access the training program visit:

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