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“Murder the Objection” is an exclusive sales training by Jason Fladlien.

How To Blow Up The Single Biggest Roadblock Standing Between You And MASSIVE PROFITS. Selling $250 Million Of Products to 150,000+ in over 130+ countries.


Murder the Objection”, a sales training access event, was organized on the 17th and 18th of September by Jason Fladlien. Access to recordings for the past training event will close soon for the participants.


The live training session consisted of a small gathering of people, and the admission cost was $5,000. The 1-1-1 product creation process was Jason Fladlien's approach. He can practically teach anyone how to create a digital product in one sitting. In other words, once someone sits down in front of a computer, they won't get up until the task is accomplished.


The live event recordings of the event will enable the participants to get massive traction, sell more and enjoy the process.


Jason Fladlien recently spent two days working on eradicating the objections in a room with many baller entrepreneurs who each paid $5,000 to be there. Jason Fladlien holds many online marketing records, including the biggest launch in internet marketing history that generated $57 million and sold over $250 million worth of goods to over 150,000 customers in 131 countries.


Two important highlights of the event are that the participants will have free access to the training for 72 hours. Secondly, they will get full access for a $500 promo discount price from $1500. The future cost of these sessions will be higher than the one at which it is available now.


Participants might wonder how this approach will work out and how they will benefit from it. Jason Fladlien said, "The training will provide access to maximize revenues. Sales determine whether a business succeeds or fails. The main challenge in selling is overcoming customer obstacles. However, with this training, one can make good sales and crush all objections. The training enables one to overcome obstacles even before they arise. It will instruct the seller on how to respond to consumer complaints. Some objections cannot be disproved. Some can be eliminated in advance. Participants are offered a shift in perspective from being able to sell to relishing offering the product".


To register and access the webinar visit:


About Murder The Objection:

Murder the Objection, an access to event recording for sales training, has been organized. The live training event was attended by a select group, and the participation cost is $5,000.

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