Best iPhone Camera Tricks - Never Boring O Ya!

1. Forget the static selfie. Step up your game and take a selfie time lapse.

The time lapse function let’s you take — you guessed it — cool time lapse photos with your phone. The secret? In order to get something worthwhile, you’ll need to film at least 30 seconds worth of footage. Can you sit still for that long? CONSIDER IT A CHALLENGE!

2. Photos too dark or too light? Manually change your exposure with the smart slider thingy.

If you’re taking pics of something that’s already a bit too dark or too light, you can manually alter the exposure by tapping on the screen and then use your finger to push the sun icon up or down. That’ll lighten or darken the exposure, no problem. Adjust exposure: There's one simple trick you can use to brighten your pics while shooting in low light: Tap and hold the screen, then swipe up or down slowly to adjust the exposure.

3. Lock Focus 

Even iPhone users who have taken thousands of photos over a period of years are often unaware that the iPhone camera allows users to lock both the exposure and focus settings. To take advantage of this feature, open up the camera app and press and hold the screen until an AE/AF Lock banner appears at the top. Following that, it’s even possible to slide your finger up and down to adjust the exposure of the desired shot. We all know that tapping the screen while taking a photo will set the camera's point of focus, right? Good. Annoyingly though, every time you move the camera after picking a focal point, it disappears. Well, no more. Instead of just tapping the screen, press for a second or two until an 'AF Locked' box pops up. Now you can twist, turn and swing the thing around without losing focus.

More Tricks to follow in the next few blogs...

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