Best iPhone Camera Tricks - Never Boring part 2..


4.Using the flashlight of your friend’s iPhone!

This one requires a friend: “If you’re at Sandy’s party with low light, use the flashlight on your friend’s iPhone, and shine it above your heads and use your friend’s phone to take your selfie.

5. Shoot in square format

A number of your selfies will make it to Instagram, so why not save yourself some time and shoot in the app's default format? The square option is directly to the right of the standard camera mode (above the on-screen shutter) and can make a real difference when it comes to selfie composition.

6. Use HDR

If you're trying to take a selfie against a bright background, you might find yourself facing away from the light, too dark to show up clearly in the resulting photo. Then you might tap to focus on your face, turning the background bright white. The solution is to turn on HDR, or "high dynamic range," by simply tapping "HDR" and setting it to "on." It combines several photos with varying exposures, making sure everything in the shot is lighted well.

Note: iPhone 6 & 6 +, This feature is always on, and only one photo is created (which is not labeled HDR)

More Tricks to follow in the next few blogs...

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