Best iPhone Camera Tricks - Never Boring Part 4


10. Don’t forget you can use your phone’s volume buttons — and your headphone volume buttons — to snap photos. + Use Apple’s white EarPods as a camera shutter release

Apple’s EarPods (the ones that come pre- packaged with every iPhone) have a lot more functionality than meets the eye. You may be surprised to learn that the center button on Apple’s EarPods can actually be used to take a photo. With the Camera app open, simply press the center button once and, just like that, a photo will be snapped in an instant. Note that you can also use this trick to initiate and stop a video recording.

11. Hold your camera higher then eye level

Raising your arm(s) up slightly above your face will ensure that you don’t have a double chin in your selfie. However, don’t lift your camera up too high because then it’s likely that you will appear too small in the photo.

 12. Ever start filming a video and suddenly realize you wanna take a photo? YOU CAN! 

Yes you can! by clicking on the button as shown by the arrow while the video is being recorded. Alternatively you can use the volume buttons too for this function.

More Tricks to follow in the next Final blog...

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