Best iPhone Camera Tricks - Never Boring Final Tricks..



You can easily set the self-timer for three seconds or ten seconds by clicking on the clock icon at the top of the camera app. To start the self timer, simply click on the shutter release button. After 3 or 10 seconds have elapsed, your iPhone will automatically take a burst of 10 photos.

14. Don’t confuse selfie for self centered / The rule of thirds

Selfies aren’t bad things. They can be really fun (and hilarious!). It’s exciting to share fun moments with our friends by taking a picture of ourselves but don’t allow selfies to just be an opportunity for everyone to see your face. Let selfies be about more than just your face (even though your face is totally awesome). Let your pictures capture an event, tell a story, or show a fun moment.

The rule of thirds is an approach to composition. Don’t put yourself dead center of the photo. Instead, put yourself on the left of right of the photo. It’ll make for a much more compelling shot.

15. Turn your phone upside down for shots of the ground

To get the lowest angle possible when shooting something on the ground, turn your iPhone upside down. Note the difference when holding the iPhone right side up (on the left) and holding the iPhone upside down (on the right).

16. Driving Panorama

The Panorama mode is generally used to capture the surroundings in a circular fashion, centered around you, but another creative way to use this mode is to just enable it while you’re driving. Ensure that you’re holding the iPhone firmly, maintaining a steady position relative to the car, and ask a friend to drive it through an interesting neighbourhood to capture drive-by panoramas.


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