The Plan With Dan Hollings Official Launch 2021

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The Plan By Dan Hollings Which Teaches How To Turn Crypto Assets Into A Passive Income Business Launches on 2nd December 2021

A report by one of the first Beta 1 students who created a business income stream implementing this “Do Nothing” automated crypto bot rule-based strategy

Update: The next official launch is going to be announced very soon for 2022. Join the Waitlist NOW to be on the list.

Taking the crypto world by storm is The Plan by Dan Hollings. His methods are changing the future of crypto-trading. He has created a system with a specific set of rules and strategies which profits from the crypto volatility. This system automates the process so the software makes intelligent and profitable decisions for you. The training program teaches you how to set up the automation called “bots” and implement the strategies which are tested and proven. 

As in engineering, it is all about automating processes and creating systems that ensure maximum output with minimum effort. “The Plan” is based on rule-based strategies which are automated and this makes this priceless in terms of effortless positive results. 

With “The Plan”, Bitsgap, a trading software system, will conduct hundreds of transactions every day for the cryptocurrency coin. Every time the bot buys or sells a coin, each transaction will make micro profits for you. Those micro-profits will range from 18 cents to 90 cents or higher. As the software is making hundreds of transactions every minute, the profits each day are multiplied. The key is to set up the automation with Dan’s exact rule-based strategies and settings to grow the crypto assets daily. 

Crypto has been traditionally very volatile and this system capitalizes on this flaw of the crypto market. In the five to six video training, the students will learn each step of setting up these automation bots, with specific rules and strategies. 

“The Plan” ensures consistent results which are directly paid out to you by the minute on a daily basis. This is the most powerful outcome of this strategy; the profits are paid immediately. Unlike any investment strategy, you do not have to wait to sell your investment or wait for months or years to reap the benefits. This is not an investment where the gains are only digital or a pie in the sky that will have dividends in the future. Hence, this is a true source of income from a business or personal earnings point of view.

Dan Hollings, who is the creator of “The Plan”, is one of the original pioneers of the mobile web. He has found a way to consistently make ridiculous profits (2X-10X) with crypto and he has created a training program that requires absolutely no experience in crypto. His process is different and it involves buying & selling crypto minute-by-minute in an easy and automated system.

Anish Chatterjea, the CEO of SaazLife LLC, has been a part of the Beta 1 students of “The Plan” from the beginning and has created a successful business using this strategy. Having an engineering background, Anish’s viewpoint is based on risk assessment of the investment strategy and ensuring the process is structured. 

SaazLife implemented and utilized the strategies taught in “The Plan” to invest in a business venture. As a business, within three months of implementing the rule-based strategies, the profits have grown by over 39.65%.

Further speaking about the course, Anish said “As an engineer and an entrepreneur, my initial thought was that 'The Plan' was a great investment strategy, but now I am convinced this is a true source of passive income for my business”.

“The Plan” has been in Beta training since June/July 2021, and the official launch is on 2nd December 2021. The price for the training program is anticipated at US$3,497. Due to the limited space in this training program, this is a first come first serve basis at this time. 

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Media Information

Business Name: Saazlife LLC DBA Saazpro

Contact Person: Anish Chatterjea



State: WY

Country : USA

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