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The Plan By Dan Hollings Is Now Available With Additional Benefits

The next official launch is going to be announced very soon for 2022. Join the Waitlist NOW to be on the list.

Officially Launched on 2nd December 2021, The Plan will soon be available with additional benefits by Anish of SaazLife LLC

This is a recent article in about the Plan with Dan Hollings and How SaazLife is offering additional benefits to users who purchase the plan through their website.

VANCOUVER, CANADA, December 6, 2021 / -- 'The Plan' by Dan Hollings, which opened to an amazing response, is now available with additional benefits for the benefits of its users. These benefits are being provided by Anish who is the CEO for SaazLife LLC. After a lot of research, he has come up with this list of benefits that experts believe will help the users of The Plan by Dan Hollings, get the best out of the proven system.

One direct application of what Anish is providing is the mitigation of the risk of picking the wrong crypto coin pairs. This will cut down the work of the program backers and make the system run hands-free. Anish, the CEO of SaazLife LLC and a founding member of "The Plan's" Beta 1 students was quoted saying “ I have built a successful firm employing the methods I am sharing with my audience. My perspective is based on risk assessment of the investment plan and ensuring the process is structured.” His engineering background has certainly helped with the process.

"The benefits I am offering will help people immediately benefit from The Plan" by Dan Hollings to place the odds in their favor”  - Anish (CEO- SaazLife LLC)

Bitsgap software system undertakes hundreds of crypto transactions every day with "The Plan." With each transaction, micro-profits are generated in the range of 18 cents to 90 cents or more. As the volume increases so does the revenue. This goal is to add automation to the process of growing the crypto-asst using Dan's identical rule-based tactics and settings. The additional benefits offered by Anish include :

  • 5 Private group Strategy and Q&A 1 hr Zoom calls
  • One-month access to his personal Bots Research with a live demo.
  • Anish's best coin pairs along with a setting that can be followed
  • Discount on the tracking software for tax purposes 25% OFF
  • Best practices on which exchanges work in the user's country of residence
  • Step-by-step process of all lessons and templates
  • Anish's "The Plan" course notes will help users streamline the approach of implementing the strategies
  • There is also one-on-one support and guidance as you will have direct access to Anish and his processes.

SaazLife has implemented and utilized the strategies taught in "The Plan" to invest in a successful business venture. Shedding some more light on the course, Anish says, "As an engineer and an entrepreneur, my initial thought was that 'The Plan' was a great strategy, but now I am convinced this is a truly effective process that simply works."

As evident, Dan Hollings, the creator of "The Plan," is one of the earliest mobile web pioneers. "The Plan" includes the setup of a system that automates the process, so the software makes intelligent decisions for the users. The best part is that it provides full control and access to all the crypto assets and automation. It also offers training where users will be taught how to set up the automation and implement tested and proven strategies that have worked for thousands of other people.

Interested people can visit to check out the benefits provided by Anish or they can send an email at

Anish C
Saazlife LLC DBA Saazpro

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