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“Failure is not acceptable.”


How many times have you heard this at work?


Or have you heard something like this:


“You’ve got to hustle to make money.” 


The Finery Report recently did a survey that found: 


83.8% say working overtime is a regular occurrence

69.6% regularly work on weekends. 

60.8% feel guilty when they do not put in extra hours at work


This continuous stress can be harmful to both your mental and physical well-being. 


Maybe you’re thinking, yes, but this is how I can be successful. 


So let me ask you this. How far are you willing to go to avoid failure?


Think about how the world’s top athletes and the type of rigor and discipline they put themselves through. They train all their lives, pushing their bodies as far as they can physically go to win. 


This “no surrender” hustle and grind mentality has given birth to slogans like:


“No one trains to get second place.” 

“Just do it.” 

“Do or die. There is no try.”


But at what cost? 


Simone Biles’ decision to withdraw from parts of the Tokyo Olympics has shown us that there’s more to winning than a Gold medal. Instead of pushing herself beyond her limits, she decided there were more important things than avoiding failure.


“Embrace the power of non-attainment.” - Adam Kreek, Canadian Olympian

Click above to watch Adam on Youtube during a TedTalk event. Funny and Enlightening for sure, hence I highly recommend watching it. 17-minute watch.


Adam speaks about the happiness you can find in failure when working towards a goal.


During the 2004 Olympics, he was part of the heavily favored Canadian rowing team. They got 5th place. But when asked if they were disappointed in the results, they answered no—the experience they had as a team was amazing. 


Why is his story important to you?


Well, in your quest to be successful, there will be many instances where you’ll fail. You can continue to push yourself to the very brink of attaining success. Or you can celebrate those instances and experience the happiness that comes with the journey. 


Take stock of all the milestones you’ve made that wouldn’t have been possible if you simply focused on a win-all or nothing approach. 


Isn’t that a healthier way to look at things?


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