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"Dreams without goals are just dreams…. A goal everyday.. Discipline and consistency.. Will make it work :) 


How I meet my dreams and goals....What works for me! 

So simple however very effective technique which I use daily…. 

It is great to have BIG Goals or Dreams, however they are much harder to achieve than what you really might think….

Just imagine one day you decide..You are going to run a marathon in 12 months… Now that is a Great goal for anyone BUT how to you plan to achieve it? How will you train for it…. Especially when you never ran before… ?? 

Easy to dream…Right?

To achieve it is a different matter altogether…

HERE is what I do… 

Break it down…Make smaller and measurable goals instead… 


Now take the Marathon goal as an example… You can make a smaller yet measurable goals instead… So next week you can plan to run for 10 minutes for 5 days…Easier? Sounds more easy and measurable. RIGHT?

Now next phase… smaller increase in your goals…

Week 2, add 5 minutes to your run time….

Week 3 Add 5 more minutes to above time…

And slowly increase the running time every week...based on how you can manage your body and stamina… 

Tell me! - 6 months from now… Will you have a very good running routine and a healthier and much fitter body? 

Chances are you will be much closer to actually running a marathon in 1 year rather than just dreaming about it…. And even if you do not run a marathon.. You have trained yourself from ZERO exercise routines today, to a regular running schedule and a very healthy just a matter of Weeks..

This strategy works great in any situation… Personal, work or business!

Simple Measurable Goal examples:

Dream: Grow my business   

Goal: Communicate with 5 clients before 10 am every day


Dream: Contact all my customers   

Goal: Follow up with 10 customers this week


Dream: Have a clean house all the time     

Goal: Do your laundry on Saturday before lunch


Dream: Avoid distractions to focus on work   

Goal: Check emails at 10 am and 3pm only 


Dream: Learn new things and Find opportunities

Goal: Learn of 1 opportunity or a new thing every Tuesday


Dream: Have a fit and healthy lifestyle

Goal: Exercise for "X" minutes at a certain time of the day 3-5 times a week

….. List can go on and is easier to achieve as they are very measurable..

This Strategy Works for me like a charm… Dream big! So make the tasks to reach that dream into smaller and measurable goals… 

“Hunt for measurable Goals…Dreams will Follow…” 

Keep the Dreams alive and go get your Goals,

SaazLife Team

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