How to manipulate money and wealth

What is Strategic Leverage?

How do you get more money and wealth in your life?

When you start looking for answers, it gets confusing quickly. At least that was my experience when I started digging recently


On one hand, you have the self-help gurus harping on about how you “attract what you focus on.”  

They say, if you focus on poverty, you’re going to attract that in your life. And if you focus on abundance, that’s what you’re going to attract. On the surface, this seems simple. In reality… not so much.

For example, how can you practice gratitude for something that you don’t have, in order to attract it?  

Or, how does focusing on the image of money help you notice and leverage more opportunities that have the potential of making you wealthy? 

Or - and this is my biggest pet peeve with self-help culture - it’s the pure toxicity of it. 

You can create the perfect morning routine with getting up early, running, journaling, meditating and eating healthy. All good things. But then, one morning life happens and you just can’t go through your morning routine. And you start feeling awful, because self-help has trained you to focus too hard on how you can be better, which makes your mind assume you’re not good enough right now. Which is simply not true!

Then you have another school of thought, which basically says “just follow your passion and money is going to follow.” 

Not true either.

First and foremost, passions fade and change. When I was young, I was super into playing video games. I still like it… but it’s not a huge passion anymore, and I wouldn’t want to be a Twitch streamer doing it for a living. A couple of hours per week is good enough for me.

 A passion can be limiting, too, meaning if you only do work that thrills you, you’re going to miss out on a lot of opportunities to learn and grow. 

 So what do you do instead?

 Well, what if we elevate our thinking and look at it from a broader point of view?

 You see, I recently learned that money and wealth are really just mere elements of... 


Which, finally, made it click for me.

Where did I learn that?

By interacting with this gentleman:


Here’s the really interesting part.

In order to attract prosperity, you don’t have to become someone else. For example, you don’t need to adopt any habits you don’t want to - for example, there’s no point in getting up at 5am if you function best at 10pm. 

You need to become more you

You already have an algorithm - a step by step method you execute subconsciously - that puts you at a certain level of prosperity. 

You only need to crack it in order to get any results you want.

It’s a lot like Google’s algorithm in that regard. If you know how it works, you can manipulate almost any site to the top position.  

And you can manipulate your own prosperity algorithm to put yourself at any level of prosperity you want.

You’ll discover all the details at the link below. 

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Stay inspired and keep making a difference. 

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