Heartfelt Holiday Gifts Under $30

There's nothing better than great presents that won't break the bank.

These budget-friendly Christmas gift ideas will spread good cheer without squandering your cash.

1. Assorted Corkatoo® Double-hinged Corkscrew $13.99

For less than $15.. Get this bird friend who always is ready to help you with your wine. 🍷. Perfect stocking stuffer.

2. Cooling Pour Spout -Keep wine bottle always chilled $18.10:

Wine lovers best friend. Under $20 Cool, pour and preserve with the CHILL™.


3. Cocktail Recipe Playing Cards $6.25:

Classic drink recipe and photo. Play and create tasty cocktails. Under $10, the best present ever for cocktail lovers

4. Climbing Tendril 4 wine bottle holder $22.75:

Elegantly display wine with our Climbing Tendril Bottle Holder. Well under $25 for the wine lover in your life

5. Drinkle Beer Drinking Board Game by Foster & Rye $27.50:

A perfect beer drinking board game  for that beer lover. They will love you for this fun game. Just under $30


6. Hurricane Wine Bottle Lamp $13.99

A useful gift for any house, Includes glass chimney, ceramic stopper & wick. Under $15 but is priceless during the power outages in a storm or romantic dinners.

7. Stylish fruit Infuser Water bottle $18:

Your active friend will love this for all their activities to keep them hydrated and enjoy the taste of fruits as well. Under $20 is a great way to surprise them

8. On the Rocks. Glacier Rocks®: Set of 9 Soapstone Cubes $16.99:

For the on the rocks drinker in your life..They will love you for this gift..Well under $20 however a priceless gift for any person who loves their drinks neat.


9. Oil & Vinegar Cruet - Unique design $13.99

Elegant, innovative and unique, hand-blown Napa Oil & Vinegar Cruet holds golden olive oil in its outer chamber and dark vinegar in a glass grape cluster within. Wow this is under $15. Totally unbelievable price

10. Paws off Glass markers (Set of 6) $8.99:

These furry friends are always curious to see what's in your cup, whether it's wine, juice or milk. With six markers, there's enough cattitude to go around. PERFECT stocking stuffer under $10.

11. Pinch Spoon Clip for Coffee/Tea Lovers. Clip and spoon combo $6.99:

Add this to your stocking stuffing for the coffee lover. This stainless steel teaspoon clip helps you get the perfect portion, and seals the bag when you're done.

12. Polar Set of 2 Beer Cooling Pour Spouts $15.35

A exceptional gift for beer lovers, Chill and pour your favourite pack of beer with a pair of stainless steel cooling pour spouts. Just pop the cap, insert the pour spout and enjoy your ice-cold ale. Great gift and awesome price

13. Pop the wine cork with 1 button press $26.99

Can you imagine to Pop open any bottle of wine with the press of a button. Who does not like wine? Amazing gift for wine enthusiasts. 

14. Shabby Chic Candelabra for romantics and wine lovers $17.15

This romantic accessory transforms an empty wine bottle into an exquisite center piece and turns every meal into an elegant affair. Perfect and thoughtful gift under $20.

15. Spin the Shot Game for every party $10.99:

This party game gives "getting the spins" a whole new meaning!  Stock stuffer and fun game. 

16. Stop Me I am Drowning Wine Stopper $8.50:

Bruce™ knows how to stop a bottle and get the party started! Whether he’s diving in feet or head first, this little man will bring humor to any gathering.

17. Sunscreen Lotion Flask, Am I Sneaky? $11.99

Again a great stocking stuffer for the concert going rockstar who enjoys the drinks too. They can take their favourite beverage of choice to any event and don't have to wait in those long lines for booze. No leaving your seat for a refill!

18. Survival Book requires no Reading, 5 oz Sneaky Flask $16.99:

Beautifully bound between an illustrated hardcover backing, this survival guide supplies you with a cleverly hidden booze-ready flask, tucked secretly between the purely decorative pages. So pack light. 

19. Wireslice Bamboo Cheese Slicing Board $11.99:

It just might be the best thing since sliced bread. Say hello to our WireSlice™ Bamboo Cheese Slicing Board. For all cheese lovers this is a perfect holiday gift.

20. Wine Away Stain Remover 12oz $8.99:

Best gift for the one wine lover we all know who always spills their wine. Any wine drinker knows that red wine can ruin your clothes in an instant. Good stocking stuffer.

May the blessings of the holidays be with you and your loved ones... 

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Order before 15th Dec, to get it under the tree on time. Happy holidays and may the gift of giving brings you lots of joy. 


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