Stick2Me-Animals Photobomb Fun

Our passion is also developing fun and creative mobile apps. Here is a list of some of our work in this industry for your pleasure:

Stick2Me is a beautiful and fun animal Photobomb for your iPhone!

Download this FREE now, to start sharing your photobombed pictures!

Join the fun by adding a funny or dangerous animal to your own picture! You’ll see fun effects to your pictures. Just IMAGINE a Tiger, monkey, crocodile, wolf or even a shark taking a selfie with you.

Easily scale them on your picture…and Baam! You are taking a picture with your favourite animal. Prank your friends with this realistic picture of you, with animals. You will never run out of tricking your friends, with different animals! Funny or Dangerous - You Decide !! You keep fooling everyone with real pictures!

Join the fun with these great features:

  • Beautiful real animal stickers
  • Amazing camera angles and realistic pictures
  • Over 80 real stickers to use
  • Fun animal Selfies with you as well
  • Scale and size them to match your photo
  • Perfect for profile pictures
  • Special effects you’ll have to see to believe!