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"The Plan" by Dan Hollings

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How does using "The Plan" make your crypto assets grow?

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“The Plan” is a Training  Program by Dan Hollings in which he outlines his methodology, strategies and specific rules which he has spent 3 years and over $1 Million perfecting crypto.   


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The plan capitalizes on the Volatility of Crypto to generate passive income 

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FAQs for "The Plan" Training Program

The training was recorded live (via Zoom sessions) in December 2021. You will get access to the recordings of those sessions, which means that once you are in the members' area you get access to the entire training at once. No need to wait. So you can learn as fast as you wish!

Approximately 24 hours after you sign up, you will receive an email with the NDA & Participation Agreement. You should carefully review these legally binding documents before signing.

After you sign the documents, we will manually review and validate it. This process takes approximately 48 hours. Once we have completed our review, you will receive access to the members' area, where you will find the entire course so that you can go through it at your own pace.

You will also get access to all future course updates for Phase 1.

You can share with any immediate family member who lives in the same household.

You can also share the information with an official business partner - meaning you have a legal entity you have formed with that person.

All these specific details are fully described in the participation agreement and NDA.

Does this work outside the US? Can this work in other countries as well?

Absolutely. In fact, there are students of "The Plan" in 124 countries (as of December 2021) making The Plan work for them.

While it's true that different countries have slightly different regulations around crypto, the general rule is: if you can buy crypto in the country you live in, you can make The Plan work for you.

No. Each of the "phases" of The Plan is a unique and separate training course. Each phase teaches a unique crypto investment strategy that stands alone, which is why they are taught in different courses.

The primary focus of this phase (Phase 1 - Grid Bot Gold), which you are purchasing today, is on crypto bots.

We do touch upon crypto "savings vaults" as well, but our primary focus is on getting you into cryptoland in the best, safest way and then teaching you how to run bots that wiggle out cashflow profits on autopilot.

Other phases of The Plan will be released in the future and require a separate purchase to participate. Additional phases will only be made available to existing customers of Phase 1 - Grid Bot Gold (what you're investing in today). None of the additional phases are required for you to be successful with crypto bots. Everything you have to succeed with crypto bots is found in Phase 1, the course you are purchasing today!

No to both. The Plan is comprised of educational courses that provides information about cryptocurrencies, coin pairs, crypto exchanges, HODLing, DeFi, Blockchain, and other crypto-related matters as Dan understands them. Though the courses relates to investing, The Plan is not an investment fund or another type of security.

When you purchase the course named "The Plan - Phase 1 (Grid Bot Gold)" which teaches you specifically about using bots to trade crypto.

All information is given for educational purposes only and we always suggest doing your own research as well as consulting with a licensed financial advisor prior to making an investment in crypto (or any other investment for that matter).

Yes! And, if it's in an exchange that is solid, secure and reputable, chances are it can be directly connected straight to the crypto automation software needed to run your bots.

Or, if it's not, it's super easy to transfer out any of your crypto into an exchange that is more advantageous for running your crypto bots.

Crypto exchanges have a "sell" option that lets you sell your crypto back into the fiat currency of your choice (Dollar, Yen, Pound, Euro, etc.) It's similar to how you'd transfer money from one bank to the next, or even from one account to another.

Each exchange is a bit different on the specifics of how you turn your crypto into fiat (Dollar, Yen, Pound, Euro, etc.) but basically it's similar to selling any other financial investment for fiat currency.

Depends. Some customers find it makes sense to sign up now to get access to the course while they build up their initial funds to purchase Crypto. Their thinking is that the time is limited on when you can sign up - we close access off so we can train everyone together at the same time. So better to have access now and get the funds for investing later, as opposed to wait to get the funds, and then hope that The Plan will be open once they have their funds in place to buy crypto.

Besides, you can (and we highly encourage you to) trade with DEMO bots before you purchase any crypto with real money... so you can still fully implement what you learn and experiment with DEMO bots without having to purchase any crypto.

How do I make money from this?

Buy low, sell high. You sell crypto sometime in the future for a price higher than what you paid for it. This is the traditional way most folks invest with crypto to try to make profit.

Off the "Wiggle". Your crypto bots are buying and selling micro-amounts of crypto automatically multiple times per day. These bots are programmed to only sell a bit of crypto for a price higher than it bought it for. These are small profits, but they can add up and they are immediately available to you at your exchange to do with what you please.

Interest. You'll find there are crypto "savings vaults" out there that pay interests between 6-10% per year (depending on a multitude of factors).

How can I lose money from this?

If you lose your passwords, you’ll lose access to your cryptocurrency. Simple as that. Therefore we teach you the best practices to protect your crypto. Or if you don’t follow the step-by-step system in The Plan, then you can certainly lose! And yes, even if you follow exactly what is taught, you may lose some or even all of your money. Why? Because there is no sure thing. So do your due diligence. Thus far, The Plan has worked overwhelmingly well for us and we anticipate it to continue to work well. Yet, anything you put money into carries with it risk. We present you with the information and education, and it’s up to you to which degree you wish to apply it.

Beside the Plan what else do I need to invest in?

You’ll need to invest in a third-party trading platform to follow The Plan. You can start with its $57/month plan and then, once you’re successful and growing you can upgrade to the $123/month plan (with a 6 months plan).

Also, you’ll need to buy a certain amount of crypto if you want to invest using the strategies you learn in The Plan. On the lowest end, you’ll need at least $3,500. As you will learn in the course it's best if you have $6,500 to start with.

Finally, we encourage you to invest it a crypto tax-tracking solution. In the US, the software we currently use costs $660/yr for the unlimited account. You don’t need to immediately invest in the software, provided the software can go back through the year and collect your historical transaction information when you need it.

It's our opinion that most "experienced" crypto buyers don't really know what they're doing and they certainly don't have a plan or system. Often, they don't even really own the crypto they are purchasing!

We designed The Plan under the assumption that, going in, you had zero knowledge of crypto. If you've never owned crypto before, great! We walk you step by step through the best way to purchase crypto.

Still fuzzy on even what crypto is, or what terms like "DeFi" and "blockchain" mean? No sweat, we'll break it down for you.

We and many other crypto experts think that crypto is the future (Web3 being one such example), so we feel it inevitable that you'll need to learn about crypto at some point in the near future one way or another. We prefer the active approach - that you learn it with intention, and that your knowledge is power.

Never. The Plan is not a fund, it does not manage your money and any profits you may earn following The Plan are 100% yours and within your control.

It is an educational company that provides digital courses about cryptocurrencies, coin pairs, crypto exchanges, HODLing, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Blockchain, and other crypto-related matters as Dan understands them.

All information is presented for educational purposes only and we always suggest (in fact, we strongly recommend) that you do your own independent research and consult with a licensed financial advisor prior to making an investment in crypto (or any investment at all for that matter).

The information is proprietary, and as such, we only want members of The Plan to have access to it. It's that incredible.

Separately, the participation agreement spells out exactly what is expected from you as well as what you can expect from us. We want to make sure we’re on the same page to best help you.

If you do not sign both agreements by January 21st, you will not be allowed to participate (and your money will be returned to you). After you sign both agreements, you’ll get access to the digital members' area and the bonuses. Access to the members' area will be granted 48 hours after we receive your signed agreement.

Please note that you can let us know that you need more time to review and sign the documents. You can take as much time as you need. It is a legal document that you should carefully read and understand. You will not be granted access to the members area until 48 hours after the documents are signed.

The basic layman's (non-qualified) answer is: Yes, you’ll pay taxes. Generally speaking, the more money you make from crypto, the more taxes you’ll pay. Remember, however, that you only pay taxes on profits (at least in most places in the world we know of).

Of course, every country has its own tax laws and regulations, so consult with your tax adviser first for specific advice based on where you live and your financial situation.

If paying taxes bothers you, then ask yourself this... would you rather not make money so you don't have to pay taxes? We wish we were paying billions of dollars in taxes, because guess what that would also mean? :-)

You'll need the third-party trading platform to run your crypto bots. You can start with the $69/month option(or $57/month with 6 month option), which allows you run up to 5 active crypto bots at once. Once you're successful enough to grow beyond that, then you can upgrade to their $149/month option (or $123/month with 6 month option) to run up to 20 active crypto bots at once. We do not own this software, we just like it best. Dan receives affiliate compensation if you sign up for the software through his affiliate link.

Also, you need to invest in cryptocurrencies when you decide to implement what you learned in The Plan. The minimum recommended amount is $3,000 in any cryptocurrency for which you'd like to run a crypto bot.

Finally, it's recommended (but not needed right away) to invest in a crypto tax-tracking software. The software we like best for this is $660/yr for unlimited access*. You don't need this software immediately as it can go back through the year and collect your historical transaction information when you need it.

We're not fans of "trading," in the common way most people view it - that someone can time the market and know when to buy low and sell high. Not only that, most people who trade (i.e. only hold an asset for a short while) tend to work many long hours, studying charts and learning all sorts of esoteric quantitive analyses and technical indicators.

We have a different approach with The Plan. First, you'll only need a few minutes per week to devote to your bots. Second, we don't guess whether the market will go up or down - we just focus on the fact that crypto is volatile, and follow a simple, rules-based approach to capture that volatility by using bots to do the work for us.

Hardly any, which is why The Plan is so popular. In fact, the best strategy often revolves around you not doing anything, and letting the bots take care of it for you.

With over 15,000 customers in 124 countries who have gone through The Plan, we find it takes about 5-10 hours to get a solid foundational understanding of the materials in the course and to be able to set up your first bot.

Setting up the bot itself takes about an hour or two the first time you do it (including any needed research). After your bot is live, it's almost entirely hands off.

Once you get some experience, you'll find bots take less than 5 minutes to set up. You'll only need a handful of bots running at a time. In short, we've never seen anything in our 50+ collective years in business that takes so little time to learn and implement as The Plan.

The Plan training shows you exactly what to look for when it comes to the cryptos that work well for crypto bots. Not only will you be able to spot the cryptocurrencies that meet the requirements we suggest for a “bot,” you’ll also learn the exact parameters on how that bot should be set up.

You’ll find it’s all black and white and easy to follow and understand. Plus you will get all the practice as we teach you to use DEMO bots, where you don't risk a penny!

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