CockatooMoji - Our Emoji App for Cockatoos

Our passion is also developing fun and creative mobile apps. Here is a list of some of our work in this industry for your pleasure:

Do you love your U2? You just adore how they show their attitude and emotions, then you’ve come to the right place…

    • 80 New Cockatoo Emojis in 8 Categories
    • Cutest U2s in the store
    • Toos show all their Emotions and attitudes
    • Optimized for iMessage/ Texting /WhatsApp/ FaceBook
    • Use Keyboard or straight from iMessage App
    • Save Emojis to your photo library too

CockatooMoji is the ultimate Emoji app for U2/Cocki pet lovers

Click below to Download App for iPhone/ iPad:


Click below to Download App for Android devices:

Categories like no where else, from LOLs to “Get’ R Done!!” to “Attitude”